Foldable Mobility Scooter – Three Main Reasons Why Go Foldable

When you are searching for a mobile scooter, for an elderly person, or someone who has lost the full ability to move about easily, you have come to the right place. The decision to purchase a mobility scooter is not a small decision financially. In this article we present three most compelling reasons why you should look into purchasing a foldable mobility scooter instead of a regular mobile scooter. The main reasons are Lower weight, Lower volume occupied, and Ease of transporting. Let’s see how these considerations might affect your decisions regarding your purchase.

Lower weight

Foldable scooters are designed to be foldable in order to be more portable. From that vantage point, it is easy to understand that, besides being foldable, they will weigh less as well. Typically a mobile scooter will weigh less than a 100 lbs. When disassembled, the heaviest piece will weigh between 30 lbs and 60 lbs. This is an important consideration when you have decided to take a mobile scooter with you for road trips, even trips to the mall with your car, or when you wanted to visit distant relatives and take it with you on a plane. You want to be able to handle the heaviest piece of your mobile scooter yourself, or with the person that is there to help.

Lower volume occupied

When you live in a smaller apartment, every square foot of available space counts. Foldable scooters usually occupy a much lower volume than the regular scooters. They are usually very narrow and short, both of which help with the added maneuverability. Sometimes you just want to be able to turn 180 degrees in the kitchen, or in a narrow hallway. And when it comes to travel, it is nice to know your entire scooter will fit nicely into the trunk of your car. Or even into the overhead compartment of a plane, so you can drive all the way up to your seat on the plane. Which brings me to the last point, ease of transporting scootmobielen

Ease of transporting

A foldable scooters will indeed be much easier, and less costly to transport around than a regular model. For instance, with a regular model, you will have to get a special crane to hoist the scooter into the trunk of a car, truck or van. Or, you will need to get a hitch and an external mobility carrier. Either way, you will spend additional several hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on car modifications and car additions. But with a foldable scooters, these modifications are not needed. You just disassemble, fold, and place the pieces of the scooter in the trunk. Voila, mission accomplished. You are free to drive your foldable scooter anywhere you want.